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PAYtran Payroll Card

Introducing the PAYtran Payroll Card: a new and improved way to debit!

The PAYtran™ Stored Value Payroll Compensation Card allows employees with or without a bank account to access their money 24 hours a day at over 780,000 ATM locations and 26 million Point-of-Sale locations worldwide. The PAYtran™ Payroll Card is like having direct deposit without the bank account. The employee's pay is automatically deposited into their PAYtran™ account, and is immediately available on their scheduled payday.

The payroll card can be reloaded, allowing an employer to deposit the value of an employee's wages directly onto a prepaid PAYtran™ card issued in the name of the employee. Cardholders can withdraw cash as needed from ATMs and use their card to shop wherever debit cards are accepted.

PAYtran™ Payroll Cards are also ideal for employees that cannot or will not open a standard bank account. These "un-bankable" employees create potential payroll problems for the employer and certainly for themselves. Because the PAYtran™ card can be reloaded there is no need for bank accounts and or credit checks. You pay your employees directly.

According to a Celent study, it costs corporations $1.90 to cut a paycheck in-house, an expense that can be reduced by as much as 70% by moving to payroll cards.

Payroll cards benefit all parties in the transaction. They reduce the cost of cutting a paycheck for the employer; reduce the hassle of paper checks for the employee and increases his access to the funds; and capture additional revenue for the banks offering the program.


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- Reduce payroll check costs
- Improve access by employee
- Pay employees directly
- No need for bank accounts