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Employer Benefits

Most companies work tireless hours to cut department costs. Those costs include printing, distributing, and reconciling checks. There are also numerous costs in reconciling checks, issuing termination pay, bonuses, and fraud are all causes for checks to be reissued. It’s estimated that $60 million dollars are spent each year reconciling bad or replaced checks. With the PAYtran stored value Payroll Card employers can eliminate these costs.


 • Pay unbanked employees using standard direct deposit
 • Reduces operational costs by up to seventy percent
 • Deliver termination pay, reimbursements, and bonus pay
 • Eliminates check counterfeiting and escheatment
 • Eliminates paper payroll checks, storage, and envelope stuffing
 • Employer Web site
 • 24 technical services
 • Can save up to 50 percent on merchant services

Employee Benefits

More Information

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PAYtran's stored value payroll compensation cards decrease operational expenses by an estimated
70 percent.