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Employee Benefits

No longer do employees have to suffer from long lines at the banks or be subdued by hefty check cashing retailers. The PAYtran payroll card gives employees an array of new found options. The card can be used at over 1 million ATMs and at over 26 million storefront retailers. The card also benefits employees working in remote locations. Serving as a virtual bank account, the PAYtran payroll card protects its users from theft. Because the card may only be used as PIN-based transaction there is no threat of stolen card being used. The card is also much safer than carrying cash. Employees will no longer need to wait for checks in the mail as the funds are transferred “real time” instantly into accounts. This gives company employees the freedoms of a bank account all the while advertising for their own sales force.


 •  Safe convenient alternative to paper checks
 •  No need to cash or deposit checks
 •  Eliminates check cashing fees
 •  Saves time and no need for personal bank account
 •  Safer than carrying cash
 •  Card-to-card transfer low cost way sending money
 •  Make PIN purchases at over 26 million retailers worldwide
 •  Accepted at over 1 million ATMs
 •  Cash back options

Employer Benefits

More Information

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Payroll cards free employees from costly fees to cash checks and send money, long waits in line to cash checks, and the risk of carrying large amounts of cash.