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Electronic Commerce Processing (Internet Sales)

For Phone, Mail or Internet transactions we have a very sophisticated payment processing solution; a Virtual Terminal, which works through the Internet. Wherever there is an Internet connection, you will now have a terminal. Our billing platform is password protected and can be tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

e-Commerce / Internet Sales Benefits

You will have access to:

 - Sales (ACH Checking or Credit Card)
 - Recurring Billing( Can be set to Amount, Monthly, BI-Monthly etc.)
 - Voids and Credits
 - The most advanced reporting system in the industry

No longer will you have to wait for your merchant statement once per month; you will have access to your account’s activity any time of day on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and with the ability to search by Merchant Id, Account Number, Date, Name, Sales Person, Amount etc.

More Information

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Electronic Commerce Processing

Electronic Commerce Processing


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